Win the War of Ideas

Conservatives have failed to articulate and sell a national policy agenda to the country, a vision of what conservative policies can accomplish when put into practice. We’ve detailed the awful things the Obama Administration has done, all the failings of the left, and we’ve pledged to undo as much of that as we can. That’s good, it needs to be done. But conservatives must be willing to demonstrate that we have the courage of our convictions by going on offense in the war of ideas.   That is where AMERICA NEXT comes in.

Introducing the America Next Health Plan

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The Freedom And Empowerment Plan

The Prescription for Conservative Consumer-Focused Health Reform

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Executive Summary

Executive Summary of the Prescription for Conservative Consumer-Focused Health Reform

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Answers to your questions about the America Next Health Plan

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Featured Image Victory is not inevitable

August 23, 2014

By Bobby Jindal My blood is still boiling over the recent murder by beheading of an American citizen at the hands of the terrorist group ISIL, or ISIS, or whatever these murderous fools call themselves. Their real name is EVIL. I listened to the president last week as he appropriately conveyed Americans’ revulsion at this […]


August 3, 2014

U.S. president Barack Obama‘s socialized medicine plan has cost Americans $1.2 trillion in higher health insurance costs over the last six years.  That equates to $6,388 per individual and $18,610 per family over that time period, according to research compiled by America Next – a think tank led by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. “The administration has put forth all sorts of […]

Featured Image Op-Ed: Your health care: Obama’s $18,000 broken promise

July 15, 2014

How would you feel if someone promised to give you a car, and then reneged on that pledge?  That’s how all Americans should feel when it comes to ObamaCare — because Barack Obama’s failed and discredited campaign promise to lower health insurance premiums has cost the average American family an amount equal to the price […]

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National Review Online Op-Ed: America’s Energy Nightmare

July 10, 2014

What do we need to turn our country around? Well, for starters, we need a president who stops getting his energy policies from Hollywood movies — and Hollywood liberals. Consider President Obama’s dithering when it comes to approving the Keystone XL pipeline. First proposed in 2008, this massive infrastructure project would bring low-cost crude oil […]

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The Daily Signal Op-Ed: Bobby Jindal: An Economic Lesson for Obama and Hollande

June 5, 2014

President Obama continues his European tour today with a stop in Paris. As he and French President Francois Hollande discuss options to resolve the ongoing crisis in Russia, the weakness of the Obama administration on the global stage contrasts strikingly with the bravery shown by the D-Day soldiers, whose heroic actions 70 years ago on […]

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FoxNews Op-Ed: Bowe Bergdahl release: Very good news, very bad deal

June 2, 2014

Let me say clearly, I am personally gratified that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is no longer being held hostage by terrorists in Afghanistan. We should never stop trying to secure the release of any American soldier who is being held hostage. I know all Americans feel this way. I completely disagree, however, with the manner […]